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ROV: 0. The Birth of a ROV

Hello and welcome to this «ROV» Series.


During these post You’ll be able to follow me design and create a hobby arduino based ROV. This is a project which really describes «me». Since I was a little I’ve always been interested to be able to «be» under water. But the depth i could reach is not nearly as close to what i hope for. So instead of taking scuba lessons (which I hope I’ll do some day) I thought it would be a great idea to build something which would give me the possibilities to explore underseas at dry land.

The goal: 50 meters.

My background

I’ve always been a fan of electronics, RC and modelling. So this task is not so much of an challenge as it could be if i was totally fresh. The only challenge I have here is waterproofing which I have zero experience with. I’m a electrician and ICT Technician but non of this was learned there except for ohms law. Mostly I’ve learned by trial and failure and my good friend Google.

How Its Made

I’ll be designing the ROV using Google Sketchup, this will allow me to «visualize» how the ROV will be. Then I probably as the progress goes do some tweaking as i see flaws in my design. The main frame will be of normal PP pipes, the hull a steel welded hull and the motors magnetic couplings.

Table of contents

  1. Design
  2. Hull
  3. Thrusters – Finished (Only miss ESC)
  4. Control Station
  5. Hardware
  6. Software


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