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TBS Discovery, entering Norway!

As the image above stats the TBS Discovery I’ve ordered is on its way. It’s been processing toll customs and now I am just waiting for it here home. If I should be really lucky I get it tomorrow, then i’ll post up a build log on it. (The image is texted in norwegian)

The setup will be:

TBS Discovery Frame
TBS Core / PSU / OSD
DJI Frame Arms
DJI 2122 Motors
DJI 30Amp opto ESC
Homebuild Gimbal (3D Printed)
600mW ImmerseRC RX/TX
Turnigy 9X (Er9X Modded)

The reason i choose the Disco frame is because it have the propellers out of the viewport for the camera. It’s also amazing stable and got a lot of potential. Here are a image of disco (Found on and this is a important part of this post: The SERVICE they live up to is amazing. Quick reply, good staff. Love it. THANKS for the best online shopping experience ever! Also, I think I got a free T-Shirt 😀 Lets see when the package comes)



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