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ROV: 3. Thrusters – FINISHED

This is the day I’ve been waiting on forever. My initial design of thrusters never became an reality due to lathe restrictions. I have never been able to FIND an lathe.

Instead I just about a few days ago found 3 people which realised my dream! That is Joe, Rusty and Josh. Three engineeres venturing on a quest to ship a small boat from LA to Hawaii autonomously.

They have looked for a thruster just like me, but other than me they found a solution and called it T100.  The T100 is all i wanted in a thruster, compact, strong, close to maintaince-free and cheap! I’ve ordered 6 of these bad boys at a cost of only $650. Enough talk, pictures!

thruster-ruler perspective-photo-16a71e6527ec9aa968947a27e74e45652_large

43709To control this thruster you can buy it with a ESC from BlueRobotic’s webpage or you can choose one of your own. I went with the AfroESC 20A which I’ll do a firmware upgrade on to support reverse. The guys at BlueRobotics does this job for you if you buy the motors with «Basic ESC». Pre modified ESC with reverse.

Thanks guys at BlueRobotics. Check out they’r site here.

This is a big step to finishing my ROV. I’ve also started leaning to an Raspberry PI ROV instead of Arduino! Check back for updates! 🙂

All image rights reserved to BlueRobotics.



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