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Build Log


Last update: 7. September 2015 – Rewrote the whole build log

The «plan»

My plan is to build an Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for underwater exploration. My goals is to be able to dive down to 100 meters (330 feet), in that kinda depth the pressure is about 11 bar (160 PSI). Since the process of making this ROV «prefect» can take a while I’ve not set a finish goal. The planning started around May 2013 and I still do update this when I get new resources or ideas.


First throw on a design

First throw on a design


The inspiration for my sketches was the Seafox Retrofit, i wanted the frame simple and square but after a while i saw the potensial in that frame i also saw the lack of space for my main idea so it became a «quest» for the best design to my frame, and after a while and a lot of googling (soon to become a real verb! :P) I found that the real life ROVs are a bit more versatile and I redesigned  to look a lot more like

Main idea build


Current design

The basic frame is inspired from the commercial style ROV’s and should be very versatile to add on stuff for later upgrades (like a robotic gripper, extra camera, lighting and stuff like that).

Mainly the materials I’ve choose to become my frame is cheap polypropylene pipes, this is because I can easily replace parts of it if (when) it breaks and I’ll always be able to get them in normal workings hour at the local hardware store!

The frame is watertight, but the plan is to drill some strategically placed holes into it and make it a «wet» frame.

Control system

On board system

The on board system will

On shore system (topsite)

The topsite control system will